Our film at “Tutti Nello Stesso Piatto”

Our film was screened at the International Film Festival “Tutti Nello Stesso Piatto” in

Trento, Italy. Immigration, climate change, exploitation of the environment and new slavery, are among the salient issues that the festival covered through the vision of selected films, meeting and debates with directors and photojournalists focused of human dignity in the broadest sense of the term. This is fourth festival for “Secret Ingredient” in Italy.

Best Debut Film Award for Secret Ingredient at Tirana Film Fest!

Our film received the Best Debut Film Award at the Tirana Film Festival in the EYE on TIFF – Debut Feature Film Competition!  

The jury said: ”The movie comes with a wonderfully crafted script, alongside with convincing acting performances; it succeeds to engage and entertain its audience,dealing with severe subjects in a funny mode. All in all, it is a very promising debut!”

This is 15th award international award for our film!

Secret Ingredient will be screened at Eastern Neigbours Film Festival in the Hague!

Our film will be part of 2018 edition of the ENFF which is going to be held from 7 – 11 November at the “Filmhuis Den Haag”. The film program includes feature films, documentaries, short films and animations; most of the selected films are Dutch premieres.

Our screening is on 9th of November. Meet us there!

Our film will be screened at Cottbus Film Festival!

Secret Ingredient will have its German premiere at 24th Cottbus Film Festival,  one of the most important festivals of Eastern European Cinema worldwide. The host city of Cottbus is located 120 km southeast of Berlin. 

Our film is part of the section “Hits” that shows Eastern European films which  succeed in reaching the top of the box-office charts in their countries of production. 

Secret Ingredient at Tirana Film Festival!

Tirana International Film Festival is the most important cinematographic event that takes place in Albania. Not only because is the oldest and most experienced but also for the highest number of applications, selective films’ capability, the rich program, fascinating discoveries and premieres of the most important cinematic films’ market today in the world.

Our film will be screened on 5th of November.