Our film is celebrating one year since the premiere!

One year ago today, Secret Ingredient (Исцелител) premiered at Thessaloniki International Film Festival where it received the Audience Award in the Balkan Survey Section. 

What followed was a year to remember. The film was shown at 47 international film festivals and won 15 international awards. In addition to that, it won 4 awards during development. HBO Europe released in 14 countries in Europe and the biggest film newspapers, “The Hollywood Reporter”, “Variety” and “Screen Daily” published stellar reviews. Back at home it was shown at 8 festivals where it won 4 lovely awards. It was showing in theaters in Skopje for 87 consecutive days and the total number of viewers throughout Macedonia was over 23.500 in 26 cities. Secret Ingredient is the Macedonian Oscar candidate. What a birthday!

Check the map of the places that out film “visited”.